Iran Wildlife

Iran Wildlife |Cheetah, Deer, Salamander, Zaagh-e-Bour

Wildlife of Iran includes bears, leopards, hyenas, ibex, wild boars, gazelles, and mouflons, which live in the wooded mountains. Rabbits and Jackals are common in the country’s interior.

Wild asses live in the Kavirs. Partridges live in most parts of the country, and pheasants and cheetahs are found in the Caspian region. Aquatic birds, including ducks, seagulls, and geese live on the shores of the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea, while buzzards nest in the desert. Hedgehogs, deer, foxes and 22 species of rodents live in semi-desert, high-elevation regions. Asiatic black bears, tigers, and palm squirrels are found in Baluchistan. Tigers also inhabited the forests of the Caspian region in the past but are now assumed to be extinct.


Iranian Cheetah

Neurergus Kaiseri (Salamander)

Neurergus kaiseri

Persian Fallow Deer

Persian Fallow Deer

Pleske's Ground Jay

Pleske’s Ground Jay


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